About us

The Apricot Centre runs projects and activities in North Essex and in South Devon. With a focus on food quality local food, wellbeing and creativity.  

In North Essex (map) based on a 4 acre organic orchard, we run courses, host visits, cook food and make preserves, provide wellbeing services, care farming and seminars. 

In South Devon (map) - We are working towards the Huxham's Cross Farm and Wellbeing Project. This will involve developing a 33 acre Biodynamic Farm in Week near Dartington, Devon. Read about this project on our Land @ Week page, and on the BDLT Website.  Please take our surveys and come and join our Spring Farm Design courses.

Our Ethos - Our ethos is one of caring for people, caring for the earth and fairshares for all. We run the business as a not for profit. For those of you familiar with permaculture this is the ethos we have borrowed from them.

The Apricot Team

We have a small team that we call upon to carry out projects and related activities such as catering or putting in gardens for the home, organisations or schools. We also design sustainable and edible gardens large or small scale so you too can enjoy your own food, wildlife and feel good !