Care Farming or 'Green' Farming

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At the Apricot Centre wellbeing work takes place in a working organic farm environment 
with groups of children or adults who can benefit from spending time in nature . Children, families and schools come to the farm and participate in nature-based activities, growing picking and eating fruit and vegetables, learning about poultry and cows, involvement in the CSA model of food production, engaging their creativity, free-range play (den making, waterplay, ‘mud pie corner’ etc..). All of these activities can support sensory, emotional, cognitive and social development. Our work is also an ongoing research project on wellbeing. (See our care farm leaflet attached at the bottom of the page). 
Who can benefit from our care farm approach?

We work with young and old. From children who are looked-after, fostered or adopted, or who have special needs such as autism. We work with older children or young adults not in education employment or training (NEETs). We work with adults such as; unemployed adults (trying to return to work, adopters/carers under stress, adults with anxiety or depression, or who are dealing with trauma, bereavement or breakdown. We also like to work with the elderly who may feel isolated or in need of en- gaging more fully with other people and community.


You can expect a wide range of benefits such as: Increased motivation. Learning gardening—growing of fruit vegetables and flowers. Improved mood and wellbeing. Better self-esteem and sense of confidence. Improved physical skills, coordination and dexterity. Creative approaches to problem solving. Gaining life-skills.

Enriched relationship and social skills through sharing and working together as a team. A greater sense of community. Learning to communicate and to value difference and diversity. An increasing respect for nature.

Structure and Rhythms

The 'garden team' follows a rhythmic daily structure; enjoying working, sharing, and eating together on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9-3. Our staff are trained and experienced in horticulture,conservation therapy, and education, and receive regular supervision on their approach.


The Apricot Centre is a venue on a 4-acre organic farm near Manningtree just off the A12 and A137. You can park at the centre. We are 200 yards from the 103/104 Bus route between Harwich and Colchester, and 2 miles from Manningtree mainline train station. The centre has a large training room, kitchen and toilet facilities all with disabled access.

Apple picking in the autumn (Apricot Centre Organic Farm)

Apple pressing at the Apricot Centre

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