Complex Mental Health Assessment

What might you expect of a complex Mental Health Assessment? 

Assessment consists of 4 parts:

Part 1: Liaison and background

-     Reading of background information (typically 1 hour per inch of single sided paper)

-     liaison with professionals to get a detailed history and also help the client to express what questions they need answers to and tailor the assessment to their needs.

Part 2: Cognitive Assessment

-     Psychometric assessment involving further understanding of cognitive functioning.

-     Tests used may include the WISC and WIAT as standard, along with more specific tools if needed.

-   Standard assessment of WISC and WIAT would involve 2 - 4 hours of face to face time, depending on the ability of the child to attend and concentrate.

Part 3: Attachment Assessment

-     Use of story stems, or family relations test to deepen understanding of the childs attachments and how they make sense of relationships.

-   Approx 1 hour of face to face time

Part 4: Mental health assessment

-     Use of self report, parent report and school report measures. (SDQ, ACC, Depression/Anxiety inventory)

-     liaison with other professionals

-     Possible further face to face time with the client