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Extract 3: From 'The Abuse of Force' - Violence: Hot, Cold, Physical and Non-physical

posted 20 May 2014, 14:10 by Mark O'Connell   [ updated 20 May 2014, 14:10 ]

Violence is more than just a physically aggressive event. If we consider the ‘abuse of force’ definition it is evident that ‘physical force’ is only one kind of many forms of force. Violence can be hot, cold, physical and non-physical. The hot and physical violence channelled and expressed by children in our care may only be the symptom of a far deeper system of violation. In this respect it becomes incumbent on us to have a broad awareness of violence which notices the roots of violence in even very subtle interactions.

Overpowering and violating another through force, whether it be physical, intellectual, social or hierarchical position (adult, professional or manager), or even by the imposition of cultural norms are all forms of implicit violence. For a sustainable approach to violence we need to address, as well as the overt violence, the atmosphere and many forms of implicit violence in any given situation.