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Potent pathways sustainability through attention to nature and dreaming - Process Oriented Psychology Seminar

Potent pathways - abundance & sustainability through attention to nature and dreaming

a process-oriented  psychology workshop on your path to wellbeing, economic justice, & abundance  in times of

scarcity & change [Download leaflet - bottom of page]

w/ Gary Reiss PhD at the Apricot Centre  May 3-4 2014  Essex/Suffolk

Bringing awareness to natural and dreaming processes can help lead the way towards building a world based on economic justice and well being for all. ‘Potent Pathways’ helps us explore how we can live in ways where economic wellbeing, passion and meaning flow, whilst at the same time taking care of the world.  

The present economic crisis has generated much suffering, insecurity and fear. ‘Potent Paths’ brings together ancient mystical wisdom, with powerful (‘process-oriented’) psychological techniques to reveal how your dreams and dreamlike experiences can guide you down an easier, more direct path to ‘wealth’, and how to utilise this create more meaning in your life. Wealth is explored in the wider context of a connection with abundance (ecology, eco-justice, right livelihood, wellbeing, community relationships, good food etc..)

Using practical exercises and experiential work we will focus on:

  • Creating an abundant, sustainable life path and world
  • Abundance, economic justice, and world change
  • How our relationship to money and wealth is  connected to central myths in our lives. 
  • Adding "dreaming" and "non-doing" to traditional methods of planning and ‘effort’ in making money. 
  • How psychological and spiritual traditions can open up the flow of money in ways that are meaningful in making our lives richer not only in terms of £$s but also towards fulfillment and well-being. 
  • Tools to deal with money issues in relationships and in the world with more clarity and compassion.

‘Potent Pathways’ will give you time and space to explore dreaming and awareness-based pathways to creating wealth, towards ‘right livelihood’ work feeding wellbeing and nourishing community and environment. Gain tools and methods for unblocking ourselves to enjoy more abundance, richer relationships, and discover the conscious use of wealth to change the world.

weekend costs £160 and includes lunch (Soup, fruit, bread and salad from the Apricot Centre). Concessions may be available. Book your place by sending paym

ent or a deposit of £50 payable to ‘The Apricot Centre CIC’ to The Apricot Centre, 83 Hungerdown Lane, Lawford, Essex. CO11 2LY. You can contact us at  01206 230425

Process-oriented Psychology, founded by Dr. Arnold Mindell, is a cutting edge approach to integrating mind body and spirit, with applications to phy

sical or emotional symptoms, relationship problems, group conflicts and social tensions.

The Apricot Centre,
lies between Essex/Suffolk, Colchester and Ipswich. A small venue offering learning around ‘sustainable living’.  www.apricotce

Gary Reiss holds a Masters in Social work, a Doctorate in Psychology, and is a Certified Process Oriented Psychology Trainer. He has practiced as a therapist for thirty years, with specialities including family therapy; 

conflict work in world hot spots such as the Middle East; also developing coma work for patients and care -givers. He teaches process-oriented psychology at the Process Work Centre of Portland Oregon, as well as world-wide.  Gary’s many books include the recent book ‘Dreaming Money.’