Exercise for working on your 'Critic' using mask making

posted 3 Jul 2014, 10:35 by Mark O'Connell   [ updated 3 Jul 2014, 10:38 ]

Facilitate the critic—Purpose of this exercise is this is a basic way to interact and intervene with the critic.

1.     Identify a way you criticize yourself or something you feel critical of about yourself.

2.     What is the content of the criticism and be aware of the energy.  Try drawing the critic and you might even punch holes and make this a mask you take on and off.

3.     Now ask yourself do you feel more identified with the critic or the victim of the critic.

4.     Once you get to really know this critic and its style and intentions, intervene with the critic to work on this issue. For example, a critic that is just trying to harm and kill you set boundaries with or finish off. A critic that is trying to get you to change buts methods aren’t successful, train and coach how to be successful. If this is a critic you have a conflict with go back and forth and switch sides and do conflict resolution.  A critic that is watching your back and has your welfare in you open up to. Coach, confront, dance with the critic.  Watch for secondary and double signals and bring them in.

5.     Keep moving back and forth between the critic and yourself until these roles become more fluid. Go back and forth and switch roles until some temporary kind of resolution occurs. The helper helps facilitate

6.     Ask person to make a movement representing the most critical energy(X energy)  and another movement that shows the  part of you most hurt or impacted by the critic(U energy). This isn’t the reaction to the critic but the part most hurt.

7.     Now for a moment first move smoothly and then little unpredictable random movements enter into your movement. Let this movement take you into an altered state.

8.     From this altered state position give yourself a tip or clue to how to deal with this critical part of yourself, as you move forward from this exercise.

9.     Go back and transform the mask based on how you now feel.