Innerwork Exercise for when you feel closed

posted 3 Jul 2014, 10:47 by Mark O'Connell   [ updated 3 Jul 2014, 10:49 ]

1. Imagine that you have a skin around you, a skin or membrane which wont let things come in from the outside.

2. Now just allow whatever experience take place whilst you have that skin around you. Notice what you experience which otherwise would be hard for you to experience (without the skin)

3. Now stay with that experience but slowly allow your skin to let tiny things in. You may notice little resistance, hesitations or 'edges' to allowing this experience come in to the experience of being 'isolated' or 'closed'

4. Now write some notes about what can be good about being closed and to whom or what? Where do you need this experience in your life? With friends (new or old), with work colleagues, with the wider world etc.??

(Note to myself: soon create an exercise for boundary making - sometimes we snap at people around our unconscious limits, or a bit like the above exercise we may have an an edge to having a skin or limits - but in this exercise it would be more about maintaining limits and boundaries in relationship)