Huxhams Cross Farm Completed
We are delighted to announce 'Huxham's Cross Farm' has now been finalised following the purchase of 34 acres of land by The Biodynamic Land Trust (BDLT). They have invited us to be tenant farmers and given us a 15 year lease. Marina will direct the farms development while continuing to work at the Apricot Centre in Essex generating income to fund elements of the project. Bob has now moved down to Devon and is settling in as you read. A massive thank-you to everyone who has supported us so far in this long journey. We are really looking forward to getting going.

There are plenty of ways you can get involved. Please see our volunteering page for information about how you can get involved, and for a calendar of events. 

Share Issue 

The Biodynamic Land Trust are issuing a new share issue to help raise funds for much needed infrastructure on the farm. More information to follow. 

Keeping up to Date
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Our Community Survey is live and gives you the opportunity to understand our vision, provide your feedback and contribute your own thoughts and suggestions. You can download it at the bottom of this page, or email Bob with for a form or to contribute ideas. 

The Land at Huxhams Cross Farm
The farmland at Week is part of the Dartington Hall Estate, farmed for maize and wheat for many years by Ian Forbes of Parsonage Farm, now retired from October 2014. The land is south facing and lies between Huxham’s Cross and the village of Week in Dartington Parish. It is bounded by a cycle path to the east and abuts Martin Crawford’s Agroforestry Research Trust’s site to the north west. It is bare land with no farm buildings. The Dartington Trust has agreed to sell a 999-year leasehold to the BDLT who are granting a 15 year lease to The Apricot Centre.

The Apricot Centre’s Vision

We aim to create a beautiful 34-acre farm that will produce delicious biodynamic food, vegetables, fruit, beef, eggs and chicken that will supply 100-150 families via

a CSA model. The farm would add value to produce - making jams, chutneys, cordials and juices with grade out produce. This will be a learning demonstratnion farm for Biodynamic methods of food production, permaculture design and Agroforestry, weaving these techniques together to create a productive, sustainable, beautiful and bio-diverse farm. The project would offer a range of courses and events for the local community and to train apprentices. We will welcome children to explore the farm, food and eating. We will have regular celebratory events on the farm, such as Apple Days and Easter Egg hunts as well as work days involving the community. We believe that regular, intimate experiences in nature give a sense of wellbeing to everyone.

We aim to work with local people and organisations as the farm becomes established. We expect the farm to develop in response to local needs and feedback from the land.

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