Process Oriented Psychology - Process Mind, Body and Movement work where children and families have become fixed, stuck or frozen with Dr Gary Reiss

Wednesday November 20th 

Gary is a friend and regular visiting teacher at the Apricot Centre over many years. We love his unique blend of Wisdom, Experience, Story-telling, Sense of Humour, and engaged-detachment, all of which embues these trainings with a deep and special learning quality.

Process Work with Extreme States an interview with Gary Reiss

From time to time we are all faced with stuck or frozen  experiences in our bodies and minds. Children and Young People with attachment difficulties, or who have lived through trauma and loss, will often have adopted strong patterns of behaviour in response to disruption in their lives. Whilst initially  helping the child to survive, these patterns themselves can become limiting, disempowering, and life negating. Developing  our ability to facilitate around and process these static processes  can help families and children come alive and discover greater meaning and vitality.

In this one-day seminar Dr Gary Reiss will offer outer and innerwork tools and attitudes for working with stuck and resistant processes in the young people (and families) we care for and work with. He will demonstrate direct feedback and process oriented methods with a specific focus upon body and movement work. Gary will also teach some process oriented family therapy and ways of working within family and community circles for more sustainable outcomes. There will be theory, examples of Gary's work with children and family, studying some cases brought by professionalsto the workshop, and we will look at inner work methods for working with trauma and frozen states both inwardly and outwardly.

Venue:           The Apricot Centre for Sustainable Living -                                                        83 Hungerdown Lane, Lawford, Essex, CO11 2LY 

Date:             Wednesday November 20th 2013

Times:           9.30am to 6.00pm

Cost:             £100 self-employed; £120 professional

To book:        Send an email to We can invoice you.                 Or send a £50 deposit to the above address to confirm your                                    place. You can also leave a message at 01206 230425 and we                 will ring you back.

Dr Gary Reiss holds a Masters degree in Social Work from Washington University, St. Louis; a Doctorate in Psychology from Union Institute and University; and a Diploma in Process Oriented Psychology.

 He has been in private practice in Oregon as a LCSW for over 30 years, and teaches worldwide as a Certified Process Oriented Psychology Trainer.