Permaculture is the design of more sustainable environments using nature as inspiration. 
By observing and learning how wonderfully productive eco-systems can be, we can learn from this and consciously design our own gardens, lives, farms and environments to work with nature. To be sustainable in caring for the earth, natural resources and the people whose lives the systems touch upon, and to be fair and equitable, returning rather than retaining surpluses. 
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Our Permaculture Offerings

Courses We teach an annual Permaculture Design Course, Introduction courses and offer masterclasses in design, horticulture and preservation. Scroll to learn more

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Design Services
Our experts can provide you a full design service tailored to your needs. We work with our clients from the outset to establish your vision before conducting a thorough site survey to establish whats possible given the specific conditions. We will then put all this information together to produce a draft design, and work with your feedback to hone the design to completion.

Live Design An exciting new way to learn about permaculture by creating a design in a group on a real site with real clients over a few days. Scroll to learn more. 

Diploma Tutoring We offer tutoring to those studying for a Diploma in Applied Permaculture. Scroll to learn more.