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April 2011 - Workshops with Primary Schools

posted 31 May 2014, 13:11 by Mark O'Connell   [ updated 9 Jun 2014, 14:28 by Marina - Mark O'Connell ]

Over the year we approached 3 schools offering a range of workshops on the theme of food for no cost, but only 1 school Nayland Primary School actually took up the offer in the end.  The chose bread making with Leon Pearson of the Slow Dough Bakery, and he ran 2 x ½ day workshops on bread making with the children. These are their comments. There are photos but we are still waiting for parental permission for release of the photos so these will have to follow on.

Feedback from Workshop at Nayland Primary school


After making bread with Leon Pearson on Thursday 17th of March, the children in Y2 wrote recounts of the day. Here are just a few examples of some of their thoughts!

‘First Leon Pearson told us how to make the dough for the bread. Then we left it for a bit. Then we went back to punch it down and after that we left it again. Next we cut it then we made it into shapes. Finally we put it in the oven. After that we ate it!

I liked Leon because he was kind and because he was good at explaining.’

 ‘I like Leon because he was a very good instructor. The very best thing of the day was when we were getting our hands very messy!’

‘On Thursday Leon came to our school to teach us how to make bread. He was very nice to me.’

‘Yesterday a baker came to our school. We tried some scrummy bread! We listened to Leon very carefully and followed the instructions that Leon gave us.’

‘Leon is good at teaching!’

All of the children (years 1 and 2) thoroughly enjoyed the experience with Leon. Leon was very well organised, both beforehand and on the day itself; he came prepared with written instructions for the children as well as all of the ingredients that we would need. Leon had a very calm and supportive manner with the children and, despite their young ages (5-7 years), he was never patronising towards them. The children learnt a great deal about the whole process of bread-making, as well as finding out more about the job of a baker (many were very surprised by the duration of the process). The finished product was delicious and Leon even brought brown paper bags along for the children to take their own rolls home in. Overall it was a very enjoyable experience for all involved and we would most certainly consider asking Leon to return next year should the opportunity arise.