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Ardleigh School Visit to the Apricot Centre May 2014

posted 2 Jul 2014, 15:11 by Mark O'Connell   [ updated 2 Jul 2014, 15:11 ]

Posted in: News | Jun 03, 2014

18 eager children, and several lucky staff and parents, spent a wonderful and jam-packed day at this fantastic local nature centre.  After registration and a story, we all went off to explore our

surroundings, collecting anything “interesting” en route.   The children observed may trees in the vast orchard such as apricot, plum, elderberry; plants such as blackberry, gooseberry, nettles, roses, sticky willy, fennel; animals such as hens, a toad, mice, worms, caterpillars, slugs, snails, woodlice, spiders; as well as a big pile of compost, a compost toilet, a massive greenhouse, and loads of bricks, pots, trees and sticks!  They spent a busy day using stacked crates to create a “bug hotel”, inviting for the animals because of all the collected natural resources they industriously packed it out with.   This will be transported to the pre-school garden for the children to continue to look at and learn from.  We also had breaks for snacks, toilet stops, hand washing and lunch, and later ran around the woods at the back, busily collecting fallen branches and leaves to make a brilliant den.

In addition, the did some pond dipping, directed a giant lawnmower(!) and were able to touch a real sheep fleece.  Many great photos were taken, which I imagine we’ll be able to get a good look at soon.  The children enjoyed their activities greatly, and learn a lot about a variety of things – not muse the physical side of nature and all the things they saw growing and living in the orchard, but also the fact that most of the day required real teamwork.  As a parent, I found it an invaluable experience, and enjoyed spending time getting to know all the children a little better and sharing a very special day.  A big thank you to our staff (Lizzie, Jenny, Rowany, Lucy), the other mums who joined us, and Wayne and Marina from the centre, for a truly exceptional and educational fun day out.

C. Ross (Parent).

Editor’s Note
A big thank you to Mrs. Rossfor kindly writing this article.  It’s a nice change to be able to offer you the views from the parent/carers perspective.  If you have anything you would like to write about for our newsletter we would love to see it.  Please send your articles to   Thank you.   Jenny.