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Local Food production booklet and 30:30 food challenge. - Recipe Collection - The 30:30 Local Food Challenge – Eating Food from 30 Miles for 30 Days

posted 31 May 2014, 13:09 by Mark O'Connell   [ updated 9 Jun 2014, 14:25 by Marina - Mark O'Connell ]

In order for the 30miles for 30 days food challenge to go ahead we realised that people would need information as how to do this.

We collected and interviewed @ 20 food producers in the Dedham vale about how and what food they produced and these are currently being uploaded on the Transition Stour Valley web site and Apricot Centre web site.

We researched food production and how it has changed in the recent past and collated this into a document titled the “Dedham Vale local food project.”

2000 of these were printed off and distributed in the region. We gave them out to most primary schools, at the Nayland Fete, to all of the contributors and in to farm shops and public spaces. Fliers were made and put up around the valley as well.

We set up an interactive web site called the “NING” that people could sign up to and talk about their experiences of the 30:30 challenge – in October 2010.  This did happen but in a much slower way than we had expected and concluded that the NING technology was too confusing for most. This has made the Transition Stour valley group think about communications and change their web sites back to Word press from the Ning system.

However anecdotally we found many other interesting stories. Local restaurants such as the Thorn gave the idea a go for a day, Manningtree High school said they would use it for the basis of a “focus” day event in the school, customers went in to local shops asking for produce on the listings.

At the end of the 30 day challenge on the 10th October 2010 Old Hall celebrated with a local food day, with a small farmers market with 6 stalls of local food producers a small cafe and games event which was a huge success with around 100 people attending.



This is an assortment of recipes put together by members of the Tweed Green Food Group and offered to us to use for the 30 30 local food challenge in the Dedham Vale.


A few examples below…


Recipes from the wild.


1.Melokhia. (Mallow Soup)

2 pints chicken stock.

1.5 lbs. Marsh Mallow Leaves.(well chopped.)


2 tsp. Coriander.

Salt and Pepper to taste.

a ) Boil stock.

b ) Add chopped leaves.

c ) Boil 10 minutes.

d ) Add seasoning.

e ) Serve.


2.Hogweed shoots.

Young fresh shoots of hogweed


Black pepper.


a ) Wash shoots and cut to required lengths, drain.

b ) Cook in own moisture in a heavy pan with a lid on , for a few minutes.

c ) Add butter, salt and pepper.

d ) Shake well and serve.


3.Hop Frittata.

1 onion.

4 eggs.

A handful of hop tips, cut into 5cm. Lengths.


1 dsp of Parmesan cheese.

Oil to fry.

a ) Fry finely chopped onion and hop tips until golden brown. In a small amount of


b ) Beat eggs in a bowl with cheese and salt. Pour over onion and hops in the pan..

c ) Fry gently until cooked on bottom. Turn over using a plate and cook other side.



(Comfrey fritters.)

1 egg.

2-oz plain flour.

0.5 pint of milk.


Oil or butter to fry.

a) Wash leaves and pat dry.

b ) Mix egg, flour, salt and milk to form a batter, beat well.

c ) Coat each leaf on either side and fry until golden brown.