Essex Farm

The farm is registered organic and is also a demonstration permaculture site, (LAND).
Marina designed and began to implement the farm on a barefield site in 1999, planting more than 3,000 trees and hedging plants. The aim was for an Organic farm inspired by Wakelyns Farm agroforestry methods, and the initial site design was a permaculture design (also using some proces-oriented design approaches). In addition biodynamic preparations have been used throughout this period enhancing the fertility of the soil. This farm is a rare example of a fully functioning permaculture market garden.

The farm is now maturing and demonstrating beautifully that permaculture systems really do work and are abundant. It is a wonderful training resource. We grow a range of more than 50 varieties of fruit and vegetables and glasshouse crops preserves and other products.  

The produce from the farm is sold via 'Growing Communities' in Stoke Newington Farmers markets every Saturday June till December.

or via Bennisons farm locally as a fruit share.

The farm is based  on an Land settlement  estate at Foxash near Manningtree in North Essex. Read Marina's article from the 'Managed Retreats' magazine about 'Land Settlements in East Anglia'

Contact us by phone 01206 230425 or by email for further details. 
We will contact you back.