The Apricot Centre has food and farming activities as well as a wellbeing service for children and families. Please see below for who best to contact.
General Apricot Centre CIC Enquiries & Essex Farm Enquiries:

Marina O'Connell & Bob Mehew

Write to us at: Apricot Centre CIC, 83 Hungerdown Lane, Lawford, Essex. CO11 2LY

Huxham's Cross Farm (Devon) Enquiries:

Bob Mehew
01803 864685
"In practical everyday life processes often occur in exactly those areas which are most antagonistic to consciousness. The saint represses his sexuality, the adult refuses his jealousy and anger. The simplest, human, natural phenomena are often too much for most of us to accept. Nature is complete but we are one-sided and filter out what we perceive" (Dr Arnold Mindell City Shadows)
Apricot Centre Wellbeing Service for Children and Families

Mary Fleming - Wellbeing Service Administrator - 07756 821123

Mark O'Connell - Registered Manager - 07588 633561 mark.o'

Email for general enquiries about the Wellbeing Service: 

Write to us at: Apricot Centre Wellbeing Service, 83 Hungerdown Lane, Lawford, Essex. CO11 2LY