The Apricot Centre is set in the midst of a 4 acre organic orchard, and in the centre we run courses, host visits, cook food and make preserves, we give therapy sessions, care farming and seminars. What we do focuses on food quality local food, wellbeing and creativity.

The Apricot Team

We have a small team that we call upon to carry out projects and related activities such as catering or putting in gardens for the home, organisations or schools. We also design sustainable and edible gardens large or small scale so you too can enjoy your own food, wildlife and feel good !

Centre News
A 'walk through' workshop on permaculture design at Willy Lott's House, Flatford 21-23 February 2014 - Full details
Willy Lott's House 'walk through' permaculture design workshop 21-23 Feb

The centre is run by Mark and Marina O'Connell
  • Mark is process oriented psychotherapist, he is a UKCP registered child psychotherapist. He works in the NHS but also runs a practice at the centre as well as occasional seminars. 
  • Marina is a horticulturist, and a permaculture designerand trainer and she runs the farm and runs courses at the centre on permaculture, sustainable horticulture and creativity as well as lots of other activities. 
The overlap of these two seemingly unrelated occupations is where sustainable food production and wellbeing overlap. We believe that having regular and close experiences in nature give a sense of wellbeing to everyone, we do this through being here, celebrating nature within a productive system, eating lovely food from the garden, sometimes doing therapeutic work in the woodland. We practice care farming to share wellbeing with others, run courses on Ecopsychology, and generally have a great time in nature and around food.

Our Ethos

Our ethos is one of caring for people, caring for the earth and fairshares for all. We run the business as a not for profit. For those of you familiar with permaculture this is the ethos we have borrowed from them.

Courses and Events
(see courses & events page for more details, or view through google cal below)

Apricot Centre for Sustainable Living and Process Oriented Psychology